We are a Bible Church.
We believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God. That means we believe that God breathed into the men who wrote the Bible, the exact words they were to write down. Because of this, we use the Bible as our standard and guide for life.  All of our teachings, then, must be based on the Word of God alone.

We are a Lutheran Church. 
We believe that God forgives sins on the basis of Christ alone. Sinful man can do nothing to earn or merit God's forgiveness. The Bible tells us that God forgives sins through faith in Jesus. The Bible also says that even our faith, our own believing, comes from God and not from us.

We are a Christian Church.
Christ lived perfectly in our place under the law. He was able to do that because he is the eternal Son of God. Christ died a sinner's death. Not because he was sinful, but because he took the place of each and every person. God's wrath over sin was poured out on Christ once for all. Christ's work of winning our salvation is complete. Nothing else can be added. We don't have to do anything to pay for our forgiveness. God gives it as a free gift.

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For a more detailed statements of faith please visit our national church body's website.